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January 19


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Hello Everyone!

I hope everyone is enjoying their new year so far! Has anyone come up with an good new years resolutions? I did not this yea, but I find them rather difficult to stick to myself.


Be sure to cast your vote for the artist of the week, before the poll closes.…
Also anyone featured in this journal is encouraged to join this group!

Here are some of my favorite pieces submitted to the group in the last couple weeks.
Water Lilies by Aeternum-Art Dark mermaid by IgnisFatuusII Water Secrets by Aeternum-Art The Good days back then by wang2dog

Film and Animation--------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Tutorials You Should Read-----------------------------------------------------------------------

How to make a realistic sunset…

Fairy tale lighting effects

Digital Painting

Digital painting tutorialAfter a rather long break another tutorial was posted on! It was made based on my latest drawing: "Poppy seed bun", I hope you'll like it! Apart from 30 steps there are two brushes for download and I explain how to create this awesome wool texture.

Apart from that, I created my personal facebook account, so if you want to join me, just go there:
I'd be very happy to see you there! :meow:
Have a great day!

Surreal photomanipulation

Create "Unleash the Dark Power" Surreal In this tutorial, I will show you the steps I took to create this "Unleash the Dark Power" surreal scene in Photoshop. You will have the opportunity to practice objects merging, image adjustments, selection techniques, as well as a number of filter effects.
View this Tutorial
Here is a preview of the final effect I have for this tutorial:

Hope you enjoy it :)


Queen of the Damned by StarsColdNight

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<da:thumb id="337859605"/> <da:thumb id="269710726"/>

Gaia Part2 by nova63

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Digital Art--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Demon by jahusa1234

Secluded II by waltervermeij

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Post Apocalyptic Viking Werewolf by Gollorr Tackle by kamiyamark Mysterious Temple by taytahs Heroes of the Storm by Omar-Atef

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The Moon by Sophia-M Welcome to 2020 by L4chun Who lives here? by logartis Poison by Claudia-SG

Eloisa by Claudia-SG

I love you reading: 2 by alenaswan

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Intangible Virtue - MTG by ClintCearley

Spirit of The Forest by Rob-Joseph

raptor queen by LeeJJ

Sulphurygen by Shue13

Dragon Rider by Deligaris

Eterium - beginning of the end by Dafne-1337art

PRIMAL LAND by loboto

the landing by Chris-Karbach

Painting me by gabrielleragusi Howl's Moving Castle by Chemical-Exorcist Limitless by Harpiya

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